Back Office

Our Back Office Software Simplifies
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Back Office Features

Live Transactions

Instantly view full transaction receipts from your register(s) directly on your phone.

Live Transactions


Moniter Non-Scanned

Moniter Non-Scanned, Manual Ring-Up Sales

Maximize your stores scan rate by reviewing manually rung-up transactions


Oversee New Items & Price Changes

Review, verify and correct prices of new items added to your store(s), or current items that have been updated.

Oversee New Items Price Changes

Varify Price

Moniter All Voids

Monitor All Voids & Non-Sales

Understand all details behind each line void, voided transaction and no-sale ring-up.


Change Gas Prices Anywhere, Anytime!

Instantly change fuel prices at your pumps and POS registers from anywhere at anytime using your mobile device or PC.

Change Gas Prices

Change Prices

Manage Fuel Operations

Manage Fuel Operations and Deliveries

Accounting and distribution are key in managing gasoline and fuel. Effortlessly track deliveries, invoices, distributor billing and credit card statements in order to ensure you and your distributors are being accurately compensated.

Manage Fuel

Fuel Reconciliation Reports

Your SIR/Tank report log can be automatically generated and stored

Fuel Reconciliation

Fuel Reports

Accurate Pool Margins

Accurate Pool Margins, Inventory & Profit Report

Obtain accurate pool margins and track profits, credit card fees, and distributor charges.

Accurate Pool

Payroll Made Easy!

Now you can seamlessly print payroll checks, track and manage timesheets and record extensive payroll reports.

  • Track and Manage Timesheets
Payroll Made

Easy Payroll

Clock Employees in & out Using Fingerprint Technology

Collect Data
Collect Data

The first and most critical step is the ability to collect time data fast & accurately. Choose from our wide array of fingerprint, pin entry and PC employee time clocks.

Increase Efficiency
Increase Efficiency

Once Time records are collected they are transferred automatically from the time clocks to the software in real time as it happens.

Increase Capacity
Increase Capacity

Our powerful & easy to use interface gives you instant real time insight to effectively manage your company’s time attendance data virtually anywhere.

Modisoft Makes Multi Store Management a Breeze!

One of the biggest obstacles in managing multiple storefronts is in gaining the ability to watch sales activity at each store during any given time. Well, that changes now.

Modisoft Makes Multi Store

Modisoft POS empowers multi-location business owners with the following:

  • View all sales activity from all stores on one screen
  • Combined and Individual Store Profit Reports
  • Combined and Individual Store Purchase Reports
  • Check prices at individual or all stores
  • Change prices and promotions at all stores with just a few clicks
  • Set different levels of access for your users for added security
  • One secure login to take care of related business tasks
Centrally Manage Prices

Centrally Manage Prices and promotions

Add items and promotions and change prices at all your stores from one screen with our central price book functionality

Centrally Manage

Monitor All Your Stores from One Screen

Monitor All Your Stores from One Screen

Manage All Stores

Combined P&L Reports

Combined P&L Reports

See your exact profits across all your stores combined into one report

Monitor Inventory real time

Modisoft gives you inventory count real time via Modisoft app or PC

Monitor Inventory

Real Time

Exact Shrinkage

Know your exact shrinkage

Take inventory and cycle counts quickly and efficiently using the Modisoft app, while simultaneously obtaining detailed shrinkage reports for each item.


Get accurate margins and inventory reports

Obtain detailed reports for inventory at cost and retail by item, department, category and vendor

Inventory Reports

Inventory Reports

Track Deliveries

Track purchases and deliveries

Enter purchases by uploading EDI files or by scanning in deliveries via the Modisoft app.


Control Prices on the Go

Easily maintain your price book by updating items using your mobile device, locate items using your phone’s camera, and lookup commonly used items—all without additional overhead charges!

  • Add / update items from your phone
  • Update inventory count from Modisoft app
  • Add Items or Change Prices at multiple locations with One-Click
  • Get Notifications Regarding Price Changes, Manual Transactions, and New Item Sales
Control Prices on the Go

Control Prices

Update items using price

Update items using price group and categories

Quickly make pricing adjustments to all your items at once using Price Group or categories


Creating Promotions Just Got Easier

Seamlessly create promotions using auto-expire, mix and match, and combination promotions all from one screen.

Creating Promotions


Manage Lottery Sales

Effectively and accurately inventory lottery ticket business activity. Activate, Track, and Settle Lottery tickets effortlessly.

Lotto Sales
Analytics Lottery
  • Manage and Track Inventory for Lottery Tickets
  • Return Lottery Tickets
  • Manage sales and do settlement for Lottery Tickets
  • Activate Lottery Tickets Easily