Use With Unlimited Companies

eChecks Features


In today's highly competitive world, you need to work hard to manage your finances. However, check fraud cases pose a great challenge to your store. Don't give a defrauder the chance to run away with your hard earned money. Say No to check fraud with eChecks Cashing System.

  • Use With Unlimited Companies
  • Supports Unlimited Customers
  • Includes Unlimited Compliance Reports and Verifications
  • Remotely Access Business Data, Including Reports, and Check Images Securely
  • Private Network Capabilities Integrate Data From Multiple Stores or Locations
  • Prevents Fraud with Unlimited Fraud Verifications
  • Detects Fraudulent Checks, Customer Identities, and False Phone Numbers
  • Cash Check Payments in a Minute or Less
  • Prevent Payments From Being Made Using Closed or Invalid Accounts
  • Ongoing Support and Product Updates
  • Comprehensive Reporting Capabilities
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Check Cashing Without Limits

  • Access multi-store from
    anywhere with single login
  • Private network within all
    your stores
    Private Network
  • Complete online check cashing
    Complete Cashing
  • No backup data require
    Backup Data
  • View all transactions, check images & view reports live from anywhere
Stop fraud checks

Stop Fraud Checks

eChecks offer a comprehensive set of tools to prevent all types of check frauds. With the eChecks Cashing System you can:

  • Stop forged checks, false customer identities and wrong phone numbers
  • Stop invalid accounts
  • Stop closed accounts
  • Stop fraudulent US Treasury checks
  • Effectively prevent a category of defrauders who repeatedly issue fraudulent checks

eCheck Cashing System is not a basic identity verification system. It offers more than that. With a proven and easy-to-use methodology, eCheck Cashing system enables you to offer more value to repeat customers.

Government Regulation

Compliance with Government Regulations

In addition to offering easy-to-use check cashing system, eChecks system is complaint with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations and similar government policies. Here are some of the AML complaint features of eChecks:

  • Easy verification of Specially Designated Nationals checks
  • Easy way to customize AML binder program
  • Log generation for SAT and CRT made easy
  • Automatic scanning of each check
Cash Management

Highly Intuitive Interface for Easy Cash Management

eChecks Cashing System offers an intuitive interface that lets you manage your business with ease. Now, you can effectively monitor business transactions at every stage. With eChecks, you can:

  • Monitor all check cashing activities
  • Customize reports on commission and fee details on a daily, monthly or yearly basis
  • Efficiently monitor employee cashing activity
  • Be informed about cash balance at the end of each shift
  • Keep track of companies that cashed checks in a certain period of time
  • Keep track of employees who cashed checks in a certain period of time
Customize Reports

Customized Reports to Keep You Informed About Cashing Activities

In addition to offering a hassle-free cashing system, eChecks allows you to create customized reports so that you keep track of every cashing activity at all levels.

  • Generate reports on daily, monthly and yearly cashing data
  • Generate cashing activity report for each company
  • Generate cashing activity report for each customer
  • Generate cashing activity report for each station
  • Generate activity log for cashed checks within a period of time
  • Generate reports on commissions and fees charged on each transaction
  • Break-down the report by station, customer or a company
Check Cashing Goes Mobile

Check Cashing Goes Mobile

With eChecks cashing system, you can create mobility solutions for your business. By using this innovative software, you can:

  • Manage a centralized database system
  • Registration of new customers can be done at any station
  • Repeat customers can cash at any station
  • Activities can be carried out at any station
  • You can complete all activities using a single dashboard
Become Employee Independent

Become Employee Independent

With increasing attrition rates, keeping your employees tied up with your company is not easy. Moreover, it is not easy to train new employees in each business process. However, eChecks makes your business employee-independent. With eChecks:

  • New employees can easily perform repeat Check cashing
  • Training new employees is simple and easy
  • You can customize the system to minimize employee errors
  • You can keep track of cash movement from Bank to Store and Safe to the Station
  • You also can Keep track of amount remaining at the end of each shift

eChecks is a one stop solution for your entire check processing needs. With a proven methodology and easy-to-use system, you can monitor every activity in the store while effectively preventing check fraud.The improved customer satisfaction will result in more business.