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Secure, Cloud-Based & Offline POS System
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    Your "Convenience" Business is Finally Convenient!

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    Secure, Cloud-Based
    and offline POS

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Back Office

Your "Convenience" Business is Finally Convenient!

One of the biggest keys to a successful convenience business is having all the tools you need on hand to manage it brilliantly to boost sales and profits. The Back Office Systems offered by ModiSoft helps empower your business to grow!

Here's How

  • Check Store Performance with Live-Time Reporting
  • Manage and Track Inventory, Lottery Tickets, and Fuel Sales
  • Correlate Data from Multiple Locations or Storefronts
  • Track Sales and Sales Trends for Forecasting
  • View Sales Volume by Hour, Day, Week, or Month
  • Comprehensive reporting for daily, weekly, monthly, and annual sale
  • View hourly sales and customer counts
  • Add Items or Change Prices at multiple locations with One-Click
  • Offer Promotions to Boost Sales Across All Sales Venues
  • View All Live Transaction Journals From All Locations
  • Get Notifications Regarding Price Changes, Manual Transactions, and New Item Sales

The integrated POS systems we support

Modisoft POS

Modisoft POS

Point-of-Sale Solutions For All Of Your Retailing Needs!

Empower your business with a POS system that works anywhere and everywhere you need it to!

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If your business relies on outdated payment solutions, there is never a better time than now to upgrade your systems to meet the needs of your clients and customers!

  • Hassle-Free Setup

    Hassle-Free Setup

    Friendly Customer Service

    Friendly Customer Service
  • Accept Credit and Debit Card Payments

    card Payments

    Compatible With Most Business Models

    Business Models
  • Compatible With Most hardware


    Helpful Video Tutorials

    Video Tutorials
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Modisoft Apps

Access Everything from anywhere any time

Modisoft Apps help make transactions efficient and productive. You can access live reports, change prices and view daily transaction as they are being made. These apps help make the business flow go more smoothly.

  • View all of your locations POS live summary of sales whether it be your total Grocery sales, or Fuel sales
  • View total grocery, lottery, and fuel sales that were made along with, a total over or shortage for that day
  • Change gas price from any where
  • View all of the banking transactions., and balances based off of the dates selected.
  • View profit and loss and balance sheet
  • View the most recent transactions occurring at the pos system. It will break them down by showing you the time and date, cashier, item purchased, and price.
  • Fuel inventory will calculate how much inventory you have for each fuel type based off of how many gallons have sold throughout the day.
  • View all of your locations POS End of Day summary of sales whether it be your total Grocery sales, or Fuel sales

Payment Services


We believe in empowering our fellow business owners, which is why there will be No Monthly Fees, No Commitments, and No Surprises. Modisoft pricing is simple, start at one flat rate per swipe and access your funds quickly.


Payment Processing


Payment Processing


Payment Processing

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Face to Face

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