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We believe in empowering our fellow business owners, which is why there will be No Monthly Fees, No Commitments, and no Surprises. ModiProcess pricing is simple, start at one flat rate per swipe and access your funds quickly.

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Payment only when you sell

We believe in empowering our fellow business owners, which is why there will be No Monthly Fees, No Commitments, and No Surprises. ModiProcess pricing is simple, start at one flat rate per swipe and access your funds quickly.

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Stay abreast with every transaction. No gimmicks! Low charge for every transaction you make.


ModiProcess deposits payments into your bank account within one to two business days


Join merchants around the world who depend on Verified software services and device payment systems to make faster transactions and better customer interactions. VeriFone offers POS terminals, software, and printers to support the self-service market with secure electronic payments including credit, debit, loyalty/stored value gift, purchasing cards, checks, EBT and more.



We challenge merchants who already have existing accounts with other service providers to try ModiProcess and save more money. ModiProcess is fast and is designed to help you save money. Let's TALK! CALL TODAY 855.602.6634

Switch to ModiProcess Without Halting Credit Card Transactions

If you already have an existing account with another service provider, we make switching to ModiProcess easy and hassle-free! Our merchant account specialists will walk you through all the steps required to transfer your account information to your ModiProcess account. Most new merchant accounts are activated and operational within 24 to 48 hours, and throughout this time you can continue accepting credit cards. Additionally, ModiProcess can subsidize whatever fee you will incur in terminating your old account!

Accept Credit Cards Safely with PCI Solutions

As an industry-leading merchant account provider, we understand the risks involved when you accept credit card payments online or in-person. that's why we go to great lengths to provide advanced payment processing solutions that comply with PCI standards and protect your business.


MX 915

Maximum Performance, Minimal Space

Consumer-friendly Design

The MX 915 has a colorful display designed to bring customer messaging, advertising and video campaigns to life. Clean lines and a modern,

Functionality & Flexibility

Quickly capture new markets as they evolve with contactless payment capabilities. Integrated, tactile, backlit keypad speeds customers through lanes while reducing errors.

Complete Multi-payment Solution

Ideal platform for a variety of value-added services such as administrating loyalty schemes, gift card issuance and top-up services.

MX 925

Multimedia Display to Boost Sales

Total Multi-payment Solution

The MX 925 supports multiple payment types: mag-stripe, EMV, PIN debit as well as NFC/contactless and non-traditional payment schemes like mobile wallets.

Evolving Payment Technology

The MX 925 delivers revenue opportunities by securing payments and supporting highly profitable, next-generation value-added services.

Opportunities Beyond Payment

A 7" color screen efficiently accommodates signature capture, along with scrolling account activity, branding and promotional offers.

Verifone e355

One Solution. Countless Possibilities.

Universal Connectivity

Unique docking connector allows reliable communication with smart devices. Integrated Wi-Fi supports device management solutions, and secure Bluetooth also available for added versatility on the go.

Seamless Application Integration

Supports Verifone's global suite of payment applications for NFC, EMV credit and debit. Secure Commerce architecture supported for semi-integrated applications.

Retail Engineered

High impact strength polycarbonate housing and Gorilla Glass ensure highest level of durability in rigorous environments. Large battery is field-replaceable for minimal business interruption.

VX 520

Robust Performance that Leads and Exceeds

Fast Processing

Faster checkout speeds allow you to complete more transactions and get consumers on their way more quickly.

Easy to Use

Countertop unit is designed for easy use and includes a backlit screen and keypad for all lighting situations.

Reliable Functionality

Get more out of your investment - the VX 520 delivers performance, reliability and long-lasting functionality.

The future of payments is here with Modisoft & ModiProcess, an award-winning payment processing platform.

Whether your customers swipe, tap, or use a chip card-we've got you covered. You can accept credit, debit, and even NFC payments such as Apple Pay.

Switching to ModiProcess is easy with no long-term contracts, no set up fees, and affordable processing rates. Best of all, your first EMV-ready terminal

*Subject to terms and conditions.

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