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If your business relies on outdated payment solutions, there is never a better time than now to upgrade your systems to meet the needs of your clients and customers!


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Accept Credit and
Debit Card Payments

Compatible With Most

Compatible With Most
Business Models

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Get A Deeper Understanding Of Your Business Operations

Our feature-rich EPOS Systems empower business owners to get a deeper understanding of their business operations, allowing them to focus on profitable
areas and make pivotal business decisions based on in-depth reporting. Key features include:


  • Unlimited Products
  • Comprehensive, Real-Time Reports
  • Unlimited Promotions, promotions with mix n match and combo
  • Age Verification for the Sale of Age-Restricted Products (18+ 21+)
  • Accept Major Credit and Debit Cards
  • Secure, Cloud-Based POS System
  • Profit Reporting
  • Add Inventory Using A Tablet or Smartphone
  • Set Different Access Levels for Cashiers and Management
  • Integrates Several Locations Into One Interface
  • Hold Transactions
  • Process Sales Offline
  • Unlimited Speed Keys and Departments
  • Customer display with store advertisement
  • Time cards at the register
  • Manage employees access
  • Add discount to all items or specific item only
  • Drive thru retail functionality
  • Add images on departments and speed keys
  • Split tender to allow customer with multiple payment methods
  • Safe drops alert if amount exceeds by certan dollars
  • Check price without ringing items
  • Price override while you ring up
  • Line item discount
  • Customize receipt with website and special message

Our Point-of-Sale solution helps businesses of all sizes complete transactions seamlessly. It also helps streamline your business operations by providing
in-depth reporting, inventory control tools, and offering business owner's remote access to their sales data, in one or more locations!

Food Service

Our POS software is perfect for food trucks, coffee shops, diners, restaurants, ice cream shops, and individual food vendors to accept multiple types of payments wherever they are conducting business.

Retail Stores

Regardless of whether you manage one retail store or twelve, our POS solution empowers you with everything you need to manage your retail business effectively. Remote access allows business owners to monitor their sales and performance from their Smartphone or tablet.

Health And Beauty

Make sales easier by providing your clients a trusted and secure way to pay for beauty services and products using their preferred payment method. It is perfect for Independent Contractors to process payments anywhere, anytime!

Integration with Modisoft Back Office

Live Transactions

Effectively and accurately inventory lottery ticket business activity. Activate, Track, and Settle Lottery tickets effortlessly.

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Fuel Management

Take charge of your business with all the tools you need to maximize profits and operate competitively when selling gasoline and fuel.

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Inventory Management

Modisoft gives you the exact count of each item in real time.

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Payroll Management

Now you can seamlessly print payroll checks, track and manage timesheets, record extensive payroll reporting.

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Price Book Management

Easily maintain your price book by updating items using your mobile device, locate items using your phone's camera, and lookup commonly used items-all without additional overhead charges!

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Multi Store Management

One of the biggest obstacles in managing multiple storefronts is in gaining the ability to watch sales activity at each store during any given time. Well, that changes now.

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Need to pay someone? A vendor? Contractor? Or service? Modisoft Back Office makes it easy to print checks on the spot. Plus, it automatically updates your books to keep everything current and accurate.

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Daily Recociliation

Effectively and accurately inventory lottery ticket business activity. Activate, Track, and Settle Lottery tickets effortlessly.

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Monitor the most important aspects of each area throughout your store in a single glance.

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Advanced Security