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Back Office, ModiPOS, eChecks

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Unlimited items and promotions
Unlimited speed keys and department
Getting Promo like Mix & Match and Combo ID check for 18+ or 21+
Hold transactions
Different access levels for cashiers
Promo prompt during scanning Add new items using handheld or phone
Setup multiple departments Customer display with store advertisement
Real-time reporting
Unlimited speed keys and department Customer display with store advertisement
Works on any device
Accept any payments
Cloud- Based POS system
Works even offline
Additional register
Modisoft integrated card payments per terminal
Third-party integrated card payments per terminal
Back Office
Daily business paperwork entry
Lottery management with scanner
Manage accurate profit/loss and balance sheets
45 + reports
View current sales live from POS
View cashier's activities like Void, Refunds and No Sales
Getting Promo like Mix & Match and Combo directly to your store
Placing orders through emails and send to vendors
Enabling you to change the prices from anywhere
Minimization manual data entry.
Automation of item-level retailing.
Notify you of changes in the cost, retail and new items.
Real time Inventory by departments and items.
Upload purchases invoice (EDI).
Change fuel prices.
Easy to switch between stores without logout.
Multi store price book to change price to all store.
Create multiple store Mix and Mach.
Multi store group price.
Send updated price to all stores.
View live sales for all store on single screen.
Advanced banking
100 + reports
Track rebates by manufacturer
Create payroll, print checks and time sheets
Employee time clock in/out
Advance access security level for manager or limited access for employees
SnapShot - Compare sales and fuels by days, month and years
ePrint - Print vendors and expense checks with digital signature
and much more
Unlimited companies
Unlimited customers
Unlimited compliance reports & verifications
Unlimited fraud verifications
Unlimited updates
Stop fake checks fake customer identities, and fake phone numbers
Stop closed or invalid accounts , and stop payment checks
Cash checks in less than 30 seconds.
Get daily, monthly, and annual breakdown of commission and fees.
and much more

Advanced Security

  • SSL Encryption

    High-level SSL encryption keeps your business and customer data secure at all times. Do business with confidence knowing that your information is protected!
  • Worry Free Transactions

    Assign employees different levels of access to your POS system. This assures that unauthorized personnel do not gain entry to sensitive business data.
  • Secure Login

    Secure login with IP Protection stops unauthorized access from employees outside of your store locations.
  • Login Alerts

    Merchants and business owners are sent a confidential alert via text or Email whenever an employee accesses information or data on the network.
  • Secure Servers

    All business data is stored on a secure, monitored server infrastructure. We rely on Cisco Systems to assure your data is safeguarded.
  • Access Levels

    Set various access levels for management teams and employees. Limit the types of transactions that lower level employees can complete without the supervision of a manager.