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HP RP9 G1 Complete Retail System

This bundle includes following parts: Customer Display Logic Controls LV4000 Receipt Printer STAR TSP143IIIU (USB) Cash Drawer APG Vasario Series APG, Printer Cable Datalogic Gryphon I GPS4400 2D Scanner HP RP9 All IN One PC

HP RP9 G1 Retail System


POS Peripherals Bundle


POS Peripherals Bundle With Ethernet Printer - iPad

CD-101A,VB320-BL1616,39464910,SPIF101,DTP102-02,GEN-SPI031-02,DBT6400-BK ,CHR-DBT60-BK, 6003-0936 (Does not include iPad)

POS Peripherals Bundle With USB Printer - iPad

CD-101A,VB320-BL1616,39472310,SPIF101,DTP102-02,GEN-SPI031-02,DBT6400-BK ,CHR-DBT60-BK, 6003-0936 (Does not include iPad)

POS Peripherals Bundle (Two liner pole display)